Friday, October 19, 2012

Are you searching a video editor? Saying "i need a video editor"

Hello there.

I guess you are looking a video editor for your professional or amateur  video project, in both cases you are in the right place!

I'm Cagatay and i'm a professional video editor since 2001. I worked as a video editor and director at the 3 national tv in Turkey (Cnn Turk, Dream Tv and TRT1

Now i'm a freelancer since 2011. I completed 73 jobs on elance and +10 outside on elance system

I'd like to help you with your video project.

what do i use for video editing?


Apple - Mac Pro!


- Final Cut Pro 7 &  Final Cut Pro X
- After Effects CS6
- Photoshop CS6
- Adobe Premiere CS6 

what can i provide?
  • i can make intro movies (made by after effects) 
  • i can provide kinetic typographic animations
  • i can provide animated logos
  • i can provide digital photo editing
  • i can provide professional Color Correction
  • i can provide professional keynote presentation videos

As a freelancer i work %100 online. When i say %100 i mean all of your videos should be digital. For file transfers i use Dropbox. It's fastest and %100 secure solution for file transferring.  

You know
Visual projects can not just be dictated by the employer, but also a way to show editors self-expression.

For this reason, even how simple or complicated the job is, I give great effort for all the job I took. Because I would like to be able to express myself properly to you.

My job is my honor!

As you all can see from the comments of the jobs I finished, there is no one with negative comments or dissatisfaction. The point that I admire myself on projects are my quickness and my creativity.

If quickness and quality is important for you (that I am sure about it), then we can work together.

Why you should choose me? Because of,

- I finish my jobs quickly in time and with the quality that I promised
- You don't have to worry for anything, just give me the details and trust

Be carefull!

- Don't waste your time and money as employer!
- Don't get fooled by cheap job offers that aren?t capable of doing the job as you asked. 

Here are my some samples...